“Body, Mind and Spirit are in order when we build on a healthy heart.”


Dr. Sanul Corrielus is a board certified cardiologist and an American Heart Association Power
of Laughter honoree, with a passion
 to empower the Philadelphia community on how to live a
heart-healthy life. He brings elite training and experience in his field combined with a holistic and
compassionate approach to cardiology. Dr. Corrielus is a community activist who is known for his
focus on preventative education, non-invasive treatments and well-integrated care.

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Corrielus Cardiology is an integrative cardiovacular welless practice that serves the greater Philadelphia community, located in the West Oak Lane/Cheltenham district. Our wellness center takes a unique collaborative approach to your heart health by providing comprehensive cardiology services that are driven by community education and empowerment. We believe that when it comes to helping patients avoid the dismal statistics of heart disease, knowledge is the most powerful weapon. Dr. Sanul Corrielus leads the practice as a board certified non-invasive cardiologist with over 16 years of clinical experience. Corrielus Cardiology focuses on comprehensive and preventive care to foster better overall health and an improved quality of life.

Community Cardiovascular Initiative (CCI) provides underserved Philadelphia communities integrated health education activities with the goal of improving cardiovascular healthcare outcome disparities. The key to a healthy community starts when every citizen not only knows the principles and means to better health and wellness, but are motivated to consistently take the steps and walk the path. Community Cardiology Initiative is committed to empower and facilitate the journey to a sustained healthy community one member at a time.

Meducation is our primary community education program where we present  seminars on health related topics led by health & wellness professionals which focus on the concept of self care. Our inaugural sessions were held at the Salvation Army Kroc Center and will continue in 2017 at select venues throughout the Philadelphia area. Meducation program events include cardiovascular screening, as well as actively engagement with our presenter through dialogue and hands-on demonstrations.

American Heart Association (AHA) is the national Cardiovascular advocacy organization. Dr. Corrielus serves on the Community Engagement Committee of the Philadelphia AHA chapter and was the 2016 Power of Laughter honoree.
Contact Dr. Sanul Corrielus for organizational wellness assessments, speaking engagements and public

presentations on topics such as; The Art of Healing Thyself, Power of Screening and the Power of Laughter.


To learn more about these programs and to book Dr. Corrielus for guest speaking engagements,
Call (267) 428-5601 or Email: info@corrielus.com


Patient Testimonials

"I feel it was very productive and that Dr. Corrielus is getting me back on track.
He brought awareness of my health to my attention and the foods that I eat."

Howard M.

"Outstanding visit. They called to confirm appointment and even made adjustments to better fit my schedule. Doctor was knowledgeable and took time to explain everything to me. Receptionist was polite. Would recommend."

Anonymous Patient

"Very nice and welcoming.
Cares very much about your health and wellbeing."

Ronald B.

"Excellent manners, service & evaluations.
I highly recommend this Doctors office, staff & Doctor Corrielus."

James S.